Recliner manufacturer and supplier

A recliner is a chair or sofa that reclines when the occupant lowers the chair’s back and raises its front. It consists of a backrest. That can be tilted back and often a footrest that can extend. Via a lever on the side of the chair or extended when the back is tilted back.
There are four main components:
The frame, the metal mechanism, the foam or upholstery padding, and the fabric. Generally, materials use in these components. Will vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific style characteristics.
Recliner chair mechanisms usually have two types;
One uses a cable system to operate the reclining mode. The footrest can raise or lower using a lever, and the chair can tilt backward. The arm raises the footrest and reclines the chair by turning a crank. 
Recliner Sofa
Recliner Sofa

How we make office furniture

How ALFA is different:
Alfa has its lab set up to check the quality of raw material 
  • Marteen dale and abrasion testing machine for leatherette.
  • Compression testing machine to check cushion quality.
  • Wheel testing machine.
  • Plating testing machine.
  • Polish hardness testing equipment.
  • Acetone testing machine.
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