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Staff Chair for your business

We are one of the leading office furniture manufacturers. We provide you with a comfortable occurrence while working. The average person spends 6 hours a day in the office, so it is required for us to buy good quality and comfortable chairs. To keep soothing experience in mind, we have designed our products.

Acknowledge the vitality of using Staff Chair at offices.
Back pain is one of the most reported employer health issues in the office workplace. Prolonging sitting with improperly positioned feet and bad posture can put a strain on your spine. However, choosing a chair from a trusted brand such as ALFA furniture with a difference is essential. ALFA provides you with the best quality chair with multiple adjustable mechanisms.

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How we make Chair

How ALFA is different

ALFA supply the Best Quality Chair with cutting-edge technology, alignment, posture control. Our chairs are designed to build efficiency at office work, and Chair plays a significant role in our personality. Our assembling in various specifications and planned options. Specifications of chairs are well-cushioned seats with height-adjustable, lumbar support adjustable

the mechanism for back, well-polished wood, good material, rust resistance, all products with high durability.

Alfa has its lab set up to check the quality of raw material 

  • Marteen dale and abrasion testing machine for leatherette.
  • Compression testing machine to check cushion quality.
  •  Wheel testing machine.
  •  Plating testing machine.
  •  Polish hardness testing equipment.
  •  Acetone testing machine.

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