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A Workstation is like a table, and they are often confused with each other. They are great for open-plan offices. Since they allow employees to focus without any distraction. By colleagues sitting around them.

As a category of furniture. Workstation furniture includes furniture, such as seating, tables, and cabinets. To promote safety, productivity, and organizational efficiency. In an industrial, commercial, or domestic workplace.
It will help impact the employees’ productivity and the business’s success. Thus ALFA OFFICE FURNITURE. We Provide you with the broadest range. Of Tables, Workstation, office desks, and computer tables. With many sizes, shapes, designs, and shades.
Whether you hire an interior developer for your office or not, you’ll have to make sure. Your table matches well with the rest of your establishment’s set. An office can change up the vibe of a space. If you choose ALFA FURNITURE, you will find many options.
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How we make office furniture

How ALFA is different:
Alfa has its lab set up to check the quality of raw material 
  • Marteen dale and abrasion testing machine for leatherette.
  • Compression testing machine to check cushion quality.
  • Wheel testing machine.
  • Plating testing machine.
  • Polish hardness testing equipment.
  • Acetone testing machine.
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