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Our chairs are built to provide you with a comfortable experience. While working. To keep soothing expertise in mind. We have designed office furniture. People spend a lot of time in offices. So buying a good quality office furniture is essential. We acknowledge the vitality of using ergonomic chair at offices. It does not just improve your experience but also saves you from many health problems.

We provide the best quality revolving chair with cutting-edge technology, alignment, posture control. Our office chair price are reasonable and designed to enhance efficiency at office work. Also, it play a significant role in our personality. We provide our assembling in various specifications and planned options.

Our well-polished good material office . Come with good-cushioned seats, height-adjustable mechanism, rust resistance, and high durability.

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Office Furniture Mohali by ALFA


Back pain is one of the most reported employer health issues in the office workplace.

Prolonged sitting in a chair with improperly positioned feet and bad posture can put a strain on your spine.

What’s the most important thing to consider while buying an office chair?

The first and foremost thing is your chair must be able to reset to a normal upright position while sitting.

Know how to adjust the seat height

You need to find the seat height adaptation. For this, you first need to sit as deep as you can in your chair and adjust the seat height to its maximum level so that your heels are high above the ground. Now you lower the chair until the heels firmly touch the ground. If you observe that your knee angle is around 90 to 95 degree, this is the perfect seat height to sit in a chair.


The seat height adjustment is just a small part of an ergonomic chair, but it plays an important role in back pain. Therefore, it is important to choose a chair from a trusted brand such as ALFA furniture with a difference. ALFA provides you the chair with multiple height adjustments.

  ALFA provides you the following multiple adjustable features in a chair:

1 Adjustable lumbar support

2 Seat depth adjustment

3 Back any-position lock

And many more

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