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Hands free hand sanitizer in Mohali – To stay protected in this ongoing pandemic of COVID19, it is extremely necessary to use the alcohol-based effective hand sanitizer. Using such sanitizer can kill 99% of the germs from the hands, as the virus spread when we touch eyes, nose, or mouth with infected hands, so it is quite important to keep the hands protected. And in this context, we at Alfa Furniture initiating towards manufacturing the best hands free hand sanitizer in Mohali.

Hands-Free Hand Sanitizer Stands In Zirakpur

Hand Sanitizer works effectively on the hands and eliminates all the bacteria and germs out, it helps in the best way to keep the viruses away with its alcohol formulas. And we at Alfa Furniture are manufacturing now a wide range of mot effective alcohol-based hand sanitizers that will provide you complete protection from the dangerous virus. The demand for the hand sanitizers is increasing in this outbreak and we have taken the charge to provide you with the best hands free hand sanitizer in Mohali.


Applying the alcohol-based hand sanitizer plays a vital role to keep the germs or bacteria away, ensure to use the hand sanitizer frequently. After touching contaminated objects or surfaces a number of diseases are spread by not cleaning your hands properly. And although not all germs are bad, illness can occur when harmful germs enter our bodies through the eyes, nose, and mouth. Make your habit to apply the hand sanitizer after and before you touch any of the objects such as after a flood or during a flu pandemic when germs can be passed from person to person and make others sick.

Why choose Alfa Furniture as the best hands-free hand sanitizer in Mohali?

Alfa furniture is the top furniture manufacturers in India, has taken the initiative for the welfare of the society to manufacture the qualitative hands-free hand sanitizer in Mohali. Under the medical supervision of the medical experts, we manufacture a wide range of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The usage of hand sanitizer is extremely important to get rid of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful infections. Check out

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