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Modern Bed dealers in Mohali – Enhance the aura of your bedroom with modern beds. Because of today, people prefer to design an insouciant and tranquil ambiance in their modern houses. The modern houses with perfectly furnished living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms having advance featured furniture. So, if you’re in a seek of the modern bed dealers in Mohali then your search ends here. For the best creative and stable furniture, we at martin’s furniture stand for you.


Furniture defines styles. So the furniture in the bedroom must be a tempting vision. According to the professional furniture designers, modern beds never goes out of trend. As they consist of extra storage in hidden compartments, bulky mattresses, adjustable headboards, and different frames. Here, we at Alfa furniture will help to create the ambiance of your bedroom in the most possible way we can. In t following article, you’ll come to know about the modern bed dealers in Mohali.

Perks of modern bed

Modern beds are an example of changing technology and generation as well. In the modern era, people love comfort with styling. If they got a choice to prefer in terms of furniture, they would likely go for western culture. And, why not. Ultimately, the improvement of technology brings advanced features. Not just in machines but in furniture equipment as well. Whether the use of furniture is for residential or commercial.

Advance features

Modern beds like water beds, upholstered beds, divans are specially designed with modern features. Inbuilt like LED, Speakers, music, Bluetooth connection, drawers, couch, and mattresses. Such types of advance features come along a perfection with style. To make your living better and comfortable for a long time, the mentioned features are planned.

Extra space

To get rid of fuzzy bedroom in which people don’t get too much space to get comfortable. That is why the designer made a solution to make such beds with extra storage. So it works as a cupboard. Modern beds help to make your room clear and spacious. Certainly, with extra hidden storage inside the bed in the form of drawers, divans, and ottoman.

Types of modern bed

Modern bed brings a vast range of material and styling. But it depends on you to choose the suitable type according to your room. Materials like wood, metal, and glass. Importantly, because wooden material is the most used material for furniture. It comes in further different types like walnut, pine, oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, beech, and ash.

Also, the wood is used so far that it never goes out of trend because of its perfect gesture and texture.

Moreover, such kind of material and not worth enough to create a room. Its demand for style. Styles like the modern, contemporary, rustic, traditional, transitional, mission, and many more. Furthermore, the modern bed proceeds in different types also. In which every type has its benefit.

  1. Storage beds (Extra storage)
  2. Folding beds (Flexible)
  3. Platform bed (Bulky offsprings)
  4. Rocking bed (stylish)
  5. Double-decker bed (bunk bed)
  6. Smart bed (Advance features)
  7. Upholstered bed (comfortable and stunning headboards)

Demand for modern bed dealers in Mohali 

Mohali is also known as Ajitgarh, a district of Punjab. The city with a commercial hub lying south-west of the capital city of Chandigarh. Further, this city is one of the most important cities with a rapidly growing IT hub sector. And also a part of Tricity, attached to cities like Panchkula, and Chandigarh. Further, Mohali has a hub of sports, health care, religious places, and a hub of the market of a different kind as well. In which, you’ll come explore many things with crazy excitement.

Why choose Alfa Furniture?

Alfa furniture is one of India’s leading brand established in 1983. We come with top quality furniture and designs to explore the best modern beds to the client. The demand for Alfa Furniture is very much popular in Mohali with Top-class a variety of furniture. For residential, industrial, corporate, and institutional purposes aw well. Take a look at the highlighted feature by us.

  1. High-quality products
  2. Resonable rates
  3. Strong network
  4. All-time customer support
  5. Professional manufacturers

Contact details

Name – Alfa Furniture 

Phone number – +91-9888405627

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