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Modern bed dealers in Chandigarh – Planning to upgrade your living room? We at Alfa furniture bestow the most comfortable and well-furnished home furniture. And if you are searching for the best modern bed dealers in Chandigarh then you are in the right place. With the best quality furniture and stability assurance, we’re preferred to be the best. For more information or any query than contact us at 9888405627. 

Alfa Furniture is known as India’s one of the leading brand since 1983. With top quality furniture and services, we are listed to be the most preferable furniture dealers. We will provide you the best modern bed manufacturers in Chandigarh. A city hub of markets and places, where you can find anything you want.

Benefits of installing Modern beds

A bed comes with multiple benefits to live with. As the bed is important furniture in your house where you can go to sleep or rest on. So, it must be attractive as well as comfortable. A wide range of facilities and inbuilt features, a bed itself can do plenty of things. Such as in storage beds, smart beds, folded beds, plane beds, etc. Let us take an example of smart beds which itself can do things like charging, inbuilt LED, drawers, speakers, USB connection, hidden storage, Bluetooth, and many more.

Types of beds

The bed plays a crucial role in our daily life where a person can sleep comfortably with a partner. And due to this modern era, beds are developing with advance technologies and inventions.  A single bed can do multiple things. So, it’s up to you which suits your style and needs. Some of the basic types of modern beds that bring varieties of features as following.

  1. Folding beds – Folding beds are unique.  As they design with such frames that allow them to fold inside. And become smaller to provide more space in the bedroom. Such beds are work in Guest rooms or studio apartments.
  2. Platform beds – Platform beds eliminated the need for bulky offsprings. This, itself built with a flexible and supportive structure with heavy and bouncy mattresses.
  3. Storage beds – Storage beds consists of hidden compartment to store heavy things in it. Instead of using a cupboard in your room that consumes space, storage beds are more useful.
  4. Posture beds – Posture beds are the beds made with four vertical poles on each corner of the bed. They come in many shapes and sizes.
  5. Day beds – Day beds are used for many purposes. you can sleep, study, lounge, work, recline and normally sit on them. They are widely used in Guest rooms for multiple purposes.
  6. Bunk beds – Bunk beds are like an apartment for the children’s room. These beds provide more space as built in the form of double-decker beds. Also, a ladder is provided with than to go upward section.
  7. Floor bed – Floor beds are very trendy as they don’t have legs but just the frame and mattresses. these beds look very classy for modern people.

Cost of modern beds in Chandigarh

Usually, the prices of a normal bed depend on its quality and stability. But with the help of innovation and creativity, the normal beds have been turned in modern beds. In which you’ll come to find multiple things you need to live with. Modern beds bring different inbuilt features like storage, lightings, space, charger, drawers, etc. So the price increase accordingly. If we talk about the normal starting price for modern beds is approximately Rs. 5000/-. But with the services and inbuilt features, it can go up to 2-3 lakhs. So, it depends on you to choose what suits your living and budget.

Why choose Alfa Furniture?

Chandigarh is known as the Tricity attached to three other cities Panchkula and Mohali. The demand for Alfa Furniture is always in trend as we come with a wide range of furniture for house, office, industries, and many more. We aim to bring new and creative ideas to renovate the place with mesmerizing furniture.

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