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Storage bed dealers in Mohali – “Bed is the most precious gift made for people.” It is a piece of furniture used for sleeping and relaxing. Most of the modern beds upgrade people’s lifestyle that is soft and bouncy with solid stability. And in storage beds, they come with many advanced technologies and additional storage. Storage bed works like a cupboard. It helps to store things like cushions, clothes, curtains or even for books and other useful things. For best storage bed dealers in Mohali, contact Alfa Furniture at 9888405627.

Storage beds help to store things so that people shouldn’t buy heavy and space-consuming cupboards. And Alfa furniture will provide the best storage bed distributors in Mohali. Alfa furniture is the best furniture manufactures you find in Mohali. They offer you many types of bed that fit in your budget according to your selection.

What are storage beds?

Storage beds are the bed that includes hidden compartments with additional storage. These beds contain extra space to store beddings, pillows, and different seasonal items. They come in many ideas as per your choice. Storage beds can be made with drawers, ottoman and divans in different sizes. In one storage bed, you can build more than 2 desks or an ottoman. The storage types like divans, drawers and ottoman depend on the bed frames.

Bed frames are also named as bedsteads. They are mainly made of wood or metal for better stability. Frames are made up of four legs one base and side rails. For queen and king-sized bed, the center rail is built for better support. These rails are assembled with springs for bouncy feel. There are three types of frames.

Types of storage beds

there are various types of bed designed for people according to their lifestyle and comfort.  Such beds are made with hidden space and storage to keep things safe and hidden. Basically, there will be three main types of storage bed i.e. Divan beds, Ottoman bed frames, and Bed frames with drawers. The key difference is defined below in such types of beds.

Divan bed

The divan bed is made with a huge space where you can store heavy cushions or heavy winter clothes. It contains two types.

Because divan bed base has the same dimensions as the mattress. This will allow you to maximize your space provided in your bedroom for further needs. You can choose to build drawers of ottomans or even combining both of them.

Ottoman bed frames

ottoman bed frames are specially designed beds. They contain a huge amount of space to cover-up your entire bed hidden storage. There are two types of ottoman storage beds.

  1. Half ottoman
  2. Full ottoman

Ottoman bed frames have some ideal solutions.

The bed will stay open while you assessing storage items until you yourself don’t shut it down.

Bed frames with drawers

bed frames with drawers are very trendy bed frames. You can order to build more than two drawers in it. The drawers are on the side rails of the bed frame. There will be drawers built for everyone from fabric bed to wooden bunk bed frames. There are two drawers on either side of the bed, which makes it easy to access the storage. You can also select between end drawers and smaller side drawers. Wooden bed frames with drawers are also known as the captain’s bed.

Why choose Alfa furniture for storage bed dealers in Mohali?

Mohali is a Tricity where people travel for work and enjoyment in daily life. It is one of the most developing city comes after Chandigarh. While choosing furniture market, Alfa furniture is very experienced and comes with great quality products for home furniture. They manufacture and deliver products probably in entire Mohali in different sectors. Alfa furniture marketing is also very popular because of well-behaved staff and experienced team. With luxury and affordable storage bed range, we will make for a perfect fit for your house furniture.

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