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Storage bed dealers in Panchkula – Is your bedroom congested with worthless furniture? Are you looking for single furniture to store multiple and heavy things? Then no need to panic. We at Alfa Funiture bestows the best storage beds that not just store heavy things but will upgrade your lifestyle. With different materials and styles of storage bed, you can attract your relatives or friends with it. Therefore, if you want to raise your style and attitude then contact 9888405627 for best storage bed dealers in Panchkula.  

Storage beds are the most important invention of the modern era. With hidden compartments, storage beds with drawers and divan make your room with a neat and tidy environment. The masked storage space provided underneath can be used for many purposes. It can store you basic and important things such as heavy blankets, winter clothes, sensitive kitchen material, party clothes, etc. In this article, you’ll be informed about the benefits and cost of storage beds.

Types of storage beds

It’s a bit hard to imagine when it comes to buying a bed that can do a lot of work. With a variety of materials and styles, storage bed brings different attentions to match with your desire. Here, you will find the best-furnished storage bed types that you want for your bedroom. Hence, take a look at main types of storage you will be provided to store things in it.

  1. Divan beds –  Divan bed is a storage bed that is provided with divans on both sides of double beds. They are also available in single beds mainly used by adults or a single person. Divan can store heavy materials like heavy blankets, winter clothes, function clothes, etc.
  2. Ottoman beds and frames – Ottoman bed is provided with a large area, even an entire bed that covered with mattresses. Where you store anything you want. Instead of using cupboards which occupies a large area and make your living room congested. Ottoman storage beds make it easier to get more space in your bedroom. If you are confused to open it, don’t worry. There will be a hydraulic lift, which helps you to open the shutter very smoothly. Also, it will be opened till you let the shutter down.
  3. Bed frames with drawers –  These are the storage beds distributed with different drawers inside the beds. You can add 2-4 drawers or even more besides the bed. But it depends on the size and length of the drawer to fit in. Basic needs that you used daily for study, sleep, work or play can be stored in them.

Benefits of storage beds

In terms of furniture, we all look for a piece of single furniture that can do multiple things. Here, storage beds are one of those. With great storage provided in ways like divans, drawers, and ottomans we’ve described before. The storage beds help to store plenty of basic and important need in it. Instead of cupboards that can store but occupies a large area. Take a look at some more features about storage beds below.

Materials used for storage beds

The most commonly and widely used material to construct a bed is wood and metal. Further, wooden beds are the most trendy and common material for home furniture. They come in mainly two types i.e., solid wood and engineered wood.

Different types of styles for storage beds

Storage beds come in different styles but it depends on your living room. So that the style can suit your living room. Such styles of storage beds in demand are traditional, contemporary, modern, rustic, industrial, vintage, mid-century, etc.

Cost of storage beds in Panchkula

If you are looking for the storage that fits in your budget then we stand for you. As you know that different types of bed have different benefits and comfort zone. Hence, the starting prices of storage bed in Panchkula is around Rs.11,000. And according to the style that you want for your living it can go up to Rs. 50,000 or more.

Why choose Alfa Furniture?

Panchkula is also known as Tricity that combines with other cities like Chandigarh, Mohali, and Zirakpur. Here, you can find anything you imagine, as the city has a hub of furniture markets. The demand for storage beds is always in trend. Certainly, we at Alfa Furniture bestows best prices and a wide range of furniture here. And assure to find the most suitable type of furniture that makes your life much easier.

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